An essential component for fence maintenance testing equipments are used to measure the accurate voltage on your fence line, energizer and earth system. We manufacture and supply a wide range of Testing Equipments for your fence and fence energizers.

Digital Voltmeter

Digital Voltmeter, Manufacturer & Supplier is Megatech Solar Fencing Systems

The Digital Voltmeter is used to locate the shorts in the fence line or bad connections that cause a voltage drop at different parts of the electric fence. You can also use the Neon Fence Tester, although it is not as accurate.


Specifications & Features

  • Measures Fence Voltage up to 10KV
  • Useful to find faults / leakage along your fence area
  • Operates on a 9V Battery
  • Turns on instantly once it detects a pulse along the fence
  • Easy to handle and comes with a fully insulated measuring probe & earth clip

Five Light Tester

Five Light Tester, Manufacturer & Supplier is Megatech Solar Fencing Systems

The Five Light Tester is used to identify whether there is sufficient power on the fence line. Five flashing neon lights show the approximate fence voltage levels.


Specifications & Features

  • Indicates the fence health using five flashing neon lights
  • The lights turn on/off based on the voltage level
  • Activates once it detects a pulse in the fence
  • No need of external power supply/battery


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